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About Us:

Some golden words about us and our goals.

Founded in November 2020, ZagFox is bringing together some widely used web hosting, WordPress, and server management solutions. Constantly adding new brands and products to its portfolio, in its current formula, ZagFox comprises Hostomy, ThemeRush, and ServerJet.

Hostomy is a web hosting company, founded in October 2016, venture to support the ever-growing online business and meet the expectations of business users at an affordable price. It proudly hosts more than 5,000 domains with this number growing every day. ThemeRush is added as 2nd project which is focused to provide some awesome stuff for WordPress, a third-party blogging platform. This venture will freshly craft WordPress themes and plugins for user needs. ServerJet is also an upcoming venture, a platform that automates server-related tasks for web professionals, allowing users to handle most requirements of their web projects in a simple and convenient manner.

Under the ZagFox canopy, these independent companies are constantly exploring synergies in a pursuit to respond to the challenges of web professionals everywhere.


Our brands says all about what we love to do.

With over 5000+ domains hosted worldwide, Hostomy is a leading and growing hosting service provider in the industry.

Freshly crafted WordPress themes and plugins platform, build to deliver quality useful stuff in the premium range. Coming Soon

ServeJet enables the management of server-related tasks easily, allowing users a convenient way to host their applications. Coming Soon


Introducing the executive leadership team who drive ZagFox forward.

Rahul Mukati

Rahul Mukati

Founder and CEO

Rahul Mukati

Shreshtha Shukle

Managing Director

Pawan Rai

Pawan Rai

Cheif Marketing Officer


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